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It’s pretty cool to see the props for MBC’s new fantasy suspense drama W–Two Worlds, because they’ve had to create actual comic books that feature Lee Jong-seok as the hero, and then they’ve filled Han Hyo-joo’s room with them because she’s the fangirl who collects them all.

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Well, it took us 18 episodes, but it looks like we might finally be closing in on our bad guy.

Sometimes a connection happens naturally; other times networks intersect and force two people together.

See full summary » Monster School is a "special place" where disruptive children are sent when they no longer fit in with their peers or society.

They are labeled Freaks, Nerds or Geeks and are bullied ...

Lire la suite Denshi Sentai Denziman est la quatrième série de Super Sentai sortie. En plus de cela, il est beau et riche, et tout le monde l'aime y compris ses concurrents.

La série a été précédée par Battle Fever J et suivie par Taiyou Sentai Sun Vulcan. Elle n'obéit pas encore aux codes établis par la suite en Sentai, à savoir un épisode par semaine pendant une année, puis on change de série. De plus, toutes les filles riches succombent à son charme.

It can’t be easy being constantly reminded of the scandal at every turn as she tries to focus on her new...

Whether it’s between colleagues, family, or lovers, it takes effort to forge a strong bond between two people.

I did already enjoy the first week of Uncontrollably Fond, but today reveals more backstory, and takes enough time to get into the emotions and pathos of the complications in Eul and Joon-young’s past that account for their present-day tensions.

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