You re dating other guys you re telling me lies dating a very busy man

You’d be surprised how many men don’t wear rings at all these days. When he's away from his phone (which will be rarely if he's two-timing you), call it to see what he has your number saved as.

You’d also be surprised how many of them slip them in their pockets when they leave the house. If your name's saved under something like "Chinese Food" or a random guy’s name like "Mark," then you’re being hidden, literally and figuratively. He is always doing "family activities." One excuse married men try to use to no end is their children.

lost the hamster again, it’s time to think about who else is waiting for his arrival. And even if you do meet them, keep track of who they are. It might be because someone's in the room with him (ahem, a wife) when he's leaving it. Has he referenced the kind of man you'll marry in your future (that's nothing like him)? This is a sign that he's married and plans to stay married.

If you're only being introduced to friends who pre-date the marriage or you're only meeting his guy friends from college sans wives, they might be in on his infidelity. Men who are committed to you aren't afraid to talk about your future together — because that future includes him in it!

Except he probably was ignoring you because there are other ways he could get in touch with you.

Right after I met my current BF, his phone died during a day we had made plans to hang. Source: Shutter Stock Telling someone you're sick to get out of something is so easy because it's basically foolproof.

“What’s odd is that I wouldn’t have cared that much if he told me he needed time with his friends or just wanted to hang out with the guys instead of me,” Abby says.

“Cancelling the date was just a minor disappointment, but his lie about it was a major disappointment.

It made me wonder why he would lie about such a little thing and, more importantly, what else he’s lied about.” What would you do if you found yourself in Abby’s shoes? There’s no difference between a “little white lie” and the big black variety.

A lie of any kind signals a character flaw and portends more egregious behavior down the road.

It's just vague enough to mean basically anything, which is always suspicious.

Source: Shutter Stock What guy is going to cancel on a date he's really excited about because he would rather do homework? Even if he has a super smartypants, he would get that stuff done with plenty of time left for a date.

And, on top of all that, you're going to feel bad for the person! 10 ways to tell if your crush is in love with you Follow Gurl, pretty please!

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