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“A lot of times parents are very picky about who they think is good enough for their daughter or son,” Dr. Before writing someone off, give your teen’s date a chance. If you still don’t like this individual and it’s for superficial reasons (your son’s girlfriend seems quiet and boring, or the guy your daughter is swooning over has spiky hair), just get over it.

What you do in your own relationship(s) helps your teen learn how to behave and what to expect in relationships.

If your teenager witnesses you being abused or abusive to a partner, he or she is likely to follow in your footsteps.

Did you feel it was the best feeling in the world and never wanted it to end? Chances are, the warm feeling you just had thinking about your first love have now evaporated!

As a parent, it’s only natural to wish you could prevent your teen from having a relationship, get started dating, or even having an innocent crush until they’re well into their mid-twenties.

One of the biggest mistakes a parent can make when it comes to teen love is to dismiss it.

“During adolescence kids are going through a lot of changes, and part of that is developing relationships with other people and feelings in intimate relationships,” says Paula Braverman, M.

While it’s a parent’s natural instincts to want to protect a child from any pain or disappointment, you can’t rush in to solve any small relationship issue your teen has.

“You just have to make sure your teen is making healthy and respectful choices, whether they’re for themselves or their partner,” says Dr.

Learn how to help your teen (and yourself) through this time of transition.

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