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You might have noticed Pokemon cropping up in conversations a lot more than usual in the last week.It’s all down to a new game, called Pokemon Go, that has begun to launch around the world over the last week, completely and utterly capturing the imagination of fans of the TV show and card collection game.The Reactive HSE Culture is concerned with ‘what went wrong?

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Crowds of people have already been spotted in various locations around the world taking advantage of such moments.

Despite the game not being officially available in the UK, Aberdeen’s gyms are already hotly contested.

Over the years it has been obviously known that there is a need for a step to step procedure in achieving an effective proactive HSE culture.

Many efforts towards this have shown that it will also take personal commitment and self-responsibility on the part of the HSE regulators as well as operators to achieve this.

When you stumble upon one, they’ll appear on the map and a quick tap will enter you into the mini game to catch them.

This is where augmented reality comes into play, as the Pokemon in question will then appear in front of you (via your smartphone camera) and you must use Poke Balls in order to catch it.While the card game dominated many a childhood, Pokemon Go has taken this idea of hunting, finding and collecting Pokemon (like Ash in the TV show) to an entirely new level.The app uses a real world map and your location, enabling you to explore the real world in search of Pokemon, who are hiding everywhere.How many more human lives are we going to sacrifice before the regulators and operators alike adopt a more proactive approach? v=Br O87PQKTx0&feature=related [2] [3] [4] Michael has said it right.Though the HSE regulations have been so far appreciably effective, they are somewhat more reactive than proactive.In a single day in the US, Pokemon Go managed to overtake Tinder in terms of app usage.

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