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"It’s like, there’s always something that’s sucking the air up from your moment," he said with a hearty laugh over a recent lunch in Los Angeles.

"'Homeland' was such a phenomenon –- there was a critical consensus and an audience consensus.

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Do you think that those two things are related -- that people are just made uncomfortable by the character and what she represents and what she asks about?

Well, you know, I wanted to start with [what some might consider the ending].

At least we you don't, because an eagle-eyed Defamer reader points out this morning how a loyal defender / relative / Universal publicist has spent the better part of the last week expunging the dirty little non-secret from the Wiki record.

From Katherine Heigl to Mike White, follow the jump for a few of the latest line edits.

Dern, White and co-stars Timm Sharp, Luke Wilson, Diane Ladd, Molly Shannon and Dermot Mulroney are giving performances of extraordinary deftness and complexity, and there's something beautifully sincere about "Enlightened's" clear-eyed, bittersweet exploration of both aspiration and disappointment.

Though he's understandably nervous about the future of his show, White is grateful that HBO brought the show back at all, given how low its first-season ratings were.

On Chuck & Buck: "The original nugget came from a scene early in the film where my character Buck grabs Chuck's balls.

I thought it would be a real uncomfortable thing to start a movie off with a scene of a guy grabbing another guy's dick. Not like in your typical Dumb-and-Dumber-type comedy or an earnest gay movie.

Mike White and Justin Long have the answer: let them get married!

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