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“There was huge benefit of the doubt given to her by these women, not necessarily because there was some women’s solidarity, but because they didn’t view her as a typical politician because she was a woman,” she said. We thought, ‘How are we going to pierce this veil because they don’t blame her for anything.’”There was a possibility.“There was this sense that she was so ambitious that she would do anything to get ahead,” Packer said.So when that perception’s tarnished, the results for women can be devastating, the handbook warns.

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That said, he also sees “a whole other thing" underpinning Clinton's honesty challenge "that is laden with gender expectations and healthy doses of sexism."Jean Harris, a women and politics expert at the University of Scranton, said it's a product of "how she's handled things combined with the pedestal effect."The “virtue advantage” is something women often capitalize on, from the Suffragettes, who ran on the fact that they were inherently good, to modern campaigns such as Florida’s 2010 gubernatorial race, where Democrat Alex Sink ran an unsuccessful campaign based on the theme of “leading with honesty and integrity.”It’s also something opponents seek to undercut.

“Because the cost of an ethical infraction is higher for a woman, campaigns against women candidates often use the well-worn strategy of launching negative attacks on character or values early in the campaign,” the handbook warns.

As a candidate and public figure, Clinton has run contrary to much of this advice.

Her carefully-worded responses to the uproar over her personal email system has been just the latest in a long line of examples of Clinton’s defensive posture exacerbating concerns about her trustworthiness.

Just last week, the FBI released more records about about the email investigation, while it was reported that Trump paid the IRS a penalty over an illegal campaign donation.

Recent research includes a Yale School of Management study that found the public is more willing to accept a mistake by a leader in a gender appropriate role.

Last year, House Majority Leader Kevin Mc Carthy, R-Calif., credited GOP leaders with dramatically lowering Clinton’s numbers by creating a special Benghazi committee that uncovered her private server.

“Any time people can paint you as being just like one of the guys then you come crashing down to earth,” said Packer.

Decades of controversy — and her stubborn reluctance to talk to the press about it — has fanned the narrative.

One of the first of these issues dates back to a failed 1970s (Whitewater) real estate company the Clintons formed with longtime friend James Mc Dougal.

Though no investigation found criminal wrongdoing, it made them appear to be part “of that clubby, Arkansas community where people did favors for each other,” Troy said.

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