Who is anne v dating 2016

After loving—and leaving—both Maroon 5’s Adam Levine and Mets pitcher Matt Harvey, she stepped away from modeling and leaned in to motherhood, having a baby in 2015 with a very different kind of rock star: Adam Cahan, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who sold a company to Yahoo!

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For the pic (above), the blonde beauty wrote: So casual.

In fact, it appears that the Russian-American beauty's engagement was a family affair as she took to the social media site again to share a group shot (below) with her man, his two kids from a previous relationship, and their daughter. While Miz Vyalitsyna is now happily engaged to her beau, she was previously linked to Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine and New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey.

It’s hilarious.” If you’re wondering what the hoodie-and-flip-flop crowd make of this Russian gazelle, she might have an idea.

“They’re probably saying, ‘Here’s Anne V again—wearing all black.’ It’s funny; you can actually spot the New Yorkers in San Francisco.

Not to mention, Anne got pretty candid back in 2014 about how hard it is to date as a celebrity.

She dished: "Honestly, it sucks, but it is what it is.

The girls wear all black and a red lip.” If Bay Area style leaves a little to be desired, the women there impress in other ways, V says.

“They’re smart and fucking ballsy.” For the record, Anne V, 30, doesn’t look like she had a baby 12 months ago; when we meet, she’s wearing short denim shorts and a slim white T-shirt, her hair blonde and her freckles summer ready.

Taking her first-ever plane ride to Milan, she won the competition, and later that year she arrived in New York.

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