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In other words, let’s all collectively drop these undesirable traits and make ourselves the perfect catch, who’s with me?!There's a new trend in dating: crime rings and fraudsters who are targeting U. victims via phony dating profiles on popular sites like Match.com, Plentyof and others. A fast-growing breed of global internet crime is revealing a troubling trend: Some fraudsters are easily infiltrating popular dating sites to fleece people out of their savings, law-enforcement officials say. Unfortunately, it is difficult to navigate effectively.

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I strongly suspect, however, that WSJ needs your e/g-mail credentials in their paper subscription data base to sign you in to their app.

Looks great across Windows PC's and Windows Mobile with a consistent design.

Pinning the app from the applications list pins the app, but there is no live tile functionality.

Of the available WSJ mobile apps, this is the worst.

WSJ has the capability to make this world class but just hasn't invested the resources to do so.

WSJ is one of my daily goto news sources..not via this app.This version crashes roughly as often as the i OS version, but the i OS version is much more intuitive, not because it's i OS, just because it has a better UX.Избранный президент Дональд Трамп дал понять, что он открыт для отмены санкций против России, а также не намерен соблюдать давнее соглашение с Китаем по поводу Тайваня.Update to previous review - In a recent update, the live tile feature stopped working.Pinning a section from within the app does nothing.Researchers gave 5,541 single US adults a list of 17 negative personal traits and asked them which ones they would consider ‘deal breakers’ for a long-term relationship.

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