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ANZ money manager is the only 'local one' I know of however it's just a rebadging of the Yodlee product. You don't have to be an ANZ customer to use it, free to sign up, and you can get up and going instantly There are a few Australian services that interface with mainstream banks..none that I've found that work with ING Direct. wait a sec, so you provide all your internet banking details to one of these providers, and you log on to their site or use their software to access your bank accounts? but doesn't this seem like a really really really crappy idea.............

There's a mention of ING-something...it's the US or some other overseas version. I've been frsutrated with the locals bank for close to a decade.

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I use xero.comfor personal finance, you have to manually import your transactions with a QIF file so it's a little bit of work exporting and importing QIF's between Internet banking and Xero but it works.

I'm not sure if it's as feature rich as mint.com, but it does a pretty good job and for $49 a year isn't too costly and is much more friendly than quicken. CBA Netbank login/password into a website which are then stored on the server.

anager_organises_accounts_from_multiple_Even though it's a service provided by ANZ, you can use almost any bank and link it up to the Money Manager.

It will automatically track your spending whenever you withdraw.

I prefer to do it when I spend, or shortly after, rather than sitting down and having to sort out budget items at the end of each day.

If anyone knows of any software that can work effectively with PNCS accounts that'd be tops :) In all circumstances I think every time you want to access your bank account, you should be required to manually login.

This has been annoying me for far too long so I am going to try and build one. b) Download a browser plugin and bank details will be stored on your computer not on the server.

The obvious disadvantage to b) is that will you need to install the plugin to synchronise new data to the site e.g. Any specific features that are must haves above what has ?

The IT department, however, said they were going to roll out the ability to connect software like Quicken and whatever via PFM in 2012Q1 / Mar '12.

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