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Using the workaround we will ensure that the Black Berry Server will retrieve the mail with a delay of 45 seconds. Black Berry recommends to decrease this value once you have confirmed this fixes the sync issues. Windows Desktop Search Windows Desktop Search can be used to index the content of a mailbox.In Cached Exchange Mode you will need leave Outlook running to index the content of the OST.After that only incremental updates are downloaded from the address book.

When there is no connection this functions are not available.

If there is a connection with the Exchange Server it can happen that these functions are working slower then normally.

When connected to Exchange messages will arrive with a slight delay in the mailbox.

This is caused by Outlook which will check for new messages every 30 seconds by default.

Offline access in Outlook Web App for Exchange 2013 lets users use Outlook Web App even when not connected to a network.

Offline access is newly available in Outlook Web App on the following web browsers.: Users can’t search or sort messages while offline Setting up offline access through a browser starts a process that copies mailbox data locally into a web database storage location.

Online mode When the Outlook profile is configured in Online Mode Outlook will create a direct connection to the Information Store of Exchange.

This has as advantage that messages will appear almost immidiatly when delivered to the mailbox.

Windows Desktop Search 4.0 is the only search engine at this moment which doesn’t create any additional read requests.

Here ends the blog about Outlook and Cached Exchange Mode.

When the connection to the Exchange server is not available you don’t have access to the mailbox.

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