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Resetting the device and clearing data hadn’t solved the problem, and while I don’t upgrade to the first version of any operating system, I figured 9.1 would be a decent test case.Upgrading to i OS 9.1 was painless, though there were a few snags along the way.

If you must, you can update to i OS 9.3.2 by opening Settings, tapping General, selecting Software Update.

Then tap Download and Install to make the transition. If you already have, has it been treating your i Phone or i Pad well?

If you can’t provide them, you aren’t allowed to download the update.

Download No more registration Ability to support different devices (Nova Chat, Chat Fusion, Touch Chat, & WFL) on one Chat Editor Update to Chat Editor 2.5.0: • Download the Chat Editor software from After downloading, double click on the installer to start the process• A Select Setup Language box will appear for the new Chat Editor• Select appropriate language and choose OK• On the Setup – Chat Editor screen click Next• Once you’ve read and agree to the License Agreement, place the button by the “I accept the agreement” and click Next• On the ready to install screen, click Install• Once the installation is complete, click Finish There will be two new shortcuts on your desktop, one for the Chat Editor , and one for its Import folder.

Apple has evidently decided that quaint functions like menus and playlists were obsolete and stripped the last vestiges of the classic i Tunes view out of the application.

Playlist view is still available, but no longer the default method of grouping content.

Unfortunately, I didn’t think to grab a screen shot of the error — I was too busy watching a dead progress bar on my phone and praying to the Update Gods that I hadn’t just bricked it.

Fortunately, things restarted without incident after that.

Once I had the phone back up and running, I was pleasantly surprised.

Every scrap of data, down to previous session cookies in Safari and Notes I’d written in i OS 7 imported perfectly.

Apple released the latest update, i OS 9.3.2 this week. Before I update anything, whether it be an app or the latest i OS, I like to see what is being updated. But you can read more details by tapping Learn More.

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