Updating antivirus dat files on diskette who is tegan and sara dating

Unlike most other macro viruses, Word Macro/Wazzu has actually been seen in the wild: there were a few reports of infections in USA during spring 1996.

updating antivirus dat files on diskette-78

Updating antivirus dat files on diskette

this macro virus is able to infect localized versions of Word as well as the English Word.

Wazzu frequently modifies the contents of documents it infects, moving words around and inserting the text 'wazzu '.

"Some data has been recovered and there are some backups, but much is expected to be lost forever".

Once again, F-PROT Professional received a "Best Buy" award, this time in PC World Hong Kong's March review of anti-virus software.

However, the 841 byte variant is the only commonly found Nado virus.

Note that the damage done by the 584 byte variant can not always be successfully repaired; it corrupts files while infecting them.

At this time, it tries to overwrite the boot sector of the hard disk with the text shown above. Some of the variants overwrite hard drives and corrupt CMOS setup information, others just delete anti-virus programs when they are executed.

Certain variants infect EXE files instead of COM files.

If you have questions about information security or virus prevention, contact your local F-PROT distributor.

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