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Although sunscreen may last longer than milk and restaurant leftovers, it still has an expiration date, experts told Live Science.That date depends on how the sunscreen is stored, said Georgios Imanidis, a professor of pharmaceutical technology at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland.

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You may also want to point out a few of these basic but important tips to your clients next time they inquire about purchasing their sunscreen from you: • The best place to store your SPF product is in a cool place out of direct sunlight and heat. larger “30% extra for free” products, which will inevitably expire before you get a chance to use them all and you’ll end up having to throw them out.

• Don’t use any SPF formulation that contains fragrance or perfume as this may cause hyperpigmentation and, in some cases, a photosensitized reaction on the skin.

Most expiration dates can be found stamped on the crimp of the product packaging tube or printed on the bottom of the product carton.

If sunscreens have expired there is a good chance they are still good for a few months; however once you reach the expiration date there is no guarantee that the level of activity is still present.

The truth is, expiration shouldn’t be an issue if you’re using the amount of sunscreen required to ensure protection.

You should apply one ounce at a time to cover all your exposed parts.And you should be reapplying every hour and a half that you’re outside.So, if you’re in a bathing suit on the beach all day, you should go through a whole bottle.And over time, the plastic bottle itself can degrade, meaning that it’s possible when you use old sunscreen you might actually be spreading plastic particles onto your skin.If you squeeze some out and it seems to have separated or looks or smells funny, play it safe and toss the whole bottle.For this reason, The International Dermal Institute recommends using sunscreen every day, not just during the summer months.

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