Speed dating for moms

However, Hieatt believes this is one way to find a meaningful relationship.

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Speed dating for moms theworldwidedating com

Between children, busy schedules and maintaining the house, it became apparent she needed an outlet, a mom friend.

Hieatt tried finding this connection in a variety of programs in Austin, as well as through organic interactions at parks and on play dates. One day, as she read an article discussing tips on how to make mom friends, it clicked.

The website will include profiles of moms in cities worldwide looking to make connections with other moms.

Users will be able to read information about a wide range of local mothers, communicate in real time and videoconference so as to determine if the chemistry clicks with other mothers’ personalities and mannerisms.

All part of a fun contest we’ll be doing to break the ice.

Acquiring the skill of adaptability is key to finding happiness, satisfaction and success in life.

You also don’t want too many dates because it can be tiring and hard to [become] engaged, which is why I’ve chosen smaller groups,” Hieatt explains.

Some may not be convinced by the notion of purposefully seeking out friends.

“With speed dating, everyone is there for the same thing. [We’re] all looking for the right friend, someone you can let go with and that helps to make this parenting journey more fun and less individualistic,” Hieatt says.

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