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This enables validating the settings in the answer file to the settings available in the Windows image.

However, because any answer file can be used to install any Windows image, if there are settings in the answer file for components that do not exist in the Windows image, those settings are ignored.

In an answer file, you specify various setup options, including how to partition disks, the location of the Windows image to install, and the product key to apply.

For OEMs deploying systems with OEM Activation 3.0 (OA 3.0) enabled, please pay special attention to important additional steps and guidance regarding OA 3.0 considerations.

The Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (Windows ADK) is a collection of tools and documentation that OEMs, ODMs, and IT Professionals use to customize, assess, and deploy Windows operating systems to new computers.

Important: The version of Windows components, Windows ADK, language packs, FOD, and Language Interface Pack must match the Windows 10 image version.

This section walks you through scripts and steps for creating a Windows 10 image.

If you use an x64 Windows 10 image:dism /unmount-image /mountdir:c:\winpe_amd64\mount /commit dism /export-image /sourceimagefile:c:\winpe_amd64\media\sources\/sourceindex:1 /Destination Image File:c:\winpe_amd64\mount\boot2Del c:\winpe_amd64\media\sources\Copy c:\winpe_amd64\mount\boot2c:\winpe_amd64\media\sources\dism /unmount-image /mountdir:c:\winpe_x86\mount /commit dism /export-image /sourceimagefile:c:\winpe_x86\media\sources\/sourceindex:1 /Destination Image File:c:\winpe_x86\mount\boot2Del c:\winpe_x86\media\sources\Copy c:\winpe_x86\mount\boot2c:\winpe_x86\media\sources\For a document to help you tailor the customizations defined in your file, see the Windows 10 Update OEM Policy Document (OPD).

Download Windows 10 Professional from the Digital Operations Center Software Order Center, and use the Microsoft Media Creation Tool from SOC Resources to generate the ISO files.

OEMs can download the Windows kit that is applicable to them in terms of language and edition.

An "answer file" is an XML-based file that contains setting definitions and values to use during Windows Setup.

For the latest version, see the Windows 10, version 1607 version of this guide.

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