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Accidental deaths sometimes occur when a drowsy, confused user repeats doses, or when sedatives are taken with alcohol.A study from the United States found that in 2011, sedatives and hypnotics were a leading source of adverse drug events (ADEs) seen in the hospital setting: Approximately 2.8% of all ADEs present on admission and 4.4% of ADEs that originated during a hospital stay were caused by a sedative or hypnotic drug.Lorazepam is one such pharmacological agent that can cause anterograde amnesia.

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Barbiturate overdose is a factor in nearly one-third of all reported drug-related deaths.

These include suicides and accidental drug poisonings.

Stimulant users may take sedatives to calm excessive jitteriness.

Others take sedatives recreationally to relax and forget their worries.

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Ons portaal richt zich al jaren op sexcontact tussen senioren, 50plussers en ouderen uit Nederland en België.While benzodiazepines can put people to sleep but, while asleep, the drugs disrupt sleep architecture: decreasing sleep time, delaying time to REM sleep, and decreasing deep slow-wave sleep (the most restorative part of sleep for both energy and mood).Sedatives can sometimes leave the patient with long-term or short-term amnesia.They increase tractability and compliance of children or troublesome or demanding patients.Some sedatives can cause psychological and physical dependence when taken regularly over a period of time, even at therapeutic doses.People who have difficulty dealing with stress, anxiety or sleeplessness may overuse or become dependent on sedatives.

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