Schedule updating process

If the user restarts the computer and updates haven’t been applied, the updates are applied as Windows starts. To make sure that users apply updates, you can configure a deadline.The deadline specifies a date and time by when the updates must be applied.

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This was developed using the precedence diagramming method PDM), which was one of the tools used within the sequence activities process.

However the schedule now shows the plan to start and finish dates for each activity as well as the overall project.

The scheduled task then attempts to install the updates in the background, without requiring any user intervention.

Updates can’t be applied if the Office program that has to be updated is being used by the user.

Within the PMBOK, develop schedule is one of the largest of the 42 processes as it has 9 inputs, 10 tools, and 4 outputs.

It uses the critical path method which in and of itself is one of the most important tools that you must understand fully for the PMP exam.If the updates aren’t applied by the deadline, Office automatically closes any open Office programs and applies the updates.Users are given notifications leading up to the deadline.If the download process is interrupted — for example, by a temporary loss of network connectivity — the download resumes after the interruption, instead of restarting from the beginning.After the updates are downloaded, the computer doesn’t have to be connected to the Internet or the network for the updates to be applied.The size of the download depends on several factors, such as how many security and other updates are released in a given month, and which version of Office 365 Pro Plus you’re updating from.

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