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Washington-Dulles Airport is better for international flights.

However, its shuttles which transport passengers between the concourses, called "Mobile Lounges," make moving through the Dulles Airport a major hassle.

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Locals are understanding of tourists who do not know these words and will clarify upon request.

Virginia like all states, territories, and the federal district in United States can be entered freely by people who are either American Citizens or by other people who have been allowed entry into United States.

Northern Virginia (the Washington DC suburbs) is serviced by Washington-Dulles International Airport and Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (or, simply "Washington National" or "Reagan" for short).

Washington National airport is by far the best airport in Northern Virginia due to its proximity to the Washington Metro Rail system and lower volume.

Today, Virginia's economy is dominated by military bases dotted all over the state, government contracting agencies, and residents who commute into Washington, DC.

Virginia Beach serves as a popular summer vacation spot and the Appalachian Mountains offer outdoor recreation.Virginia is bordered by the states of Maryland, West Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, and the District of Colombia. Virginia draws a very sharp distinction between cities and other communities.Since 1871, all communities incorporated as cities are legally separate from counties.Virginia is also a popular destination for history buffs as Virginia was a major player in much of America's history. In rural areas and farther south, you may experience what is commonly known as “Southern accent”.This accent generally does not stop fluent English speakers from understanding the person, but non-native English speakers may experience problems.People from other countries should see the United States of America article for more information about entering from foreign counties.

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