Redating the new testament review

His father then departs overseas leaving Basara with two new beautiful step-sisters.

Little does he know, his new sisters, Mio and Maria are actually the new Demon Lord and a succubus!?

Basara was almost forced into a master and servant contract with Mio, but a "reversed" contract was formed by mistake, and Basara is now the master!?

Moreover, Basara is being hit by ecchi situations one after another due to the contract, but Mio's life is being pursued by other demon tribes and hero tribes!

Almost trapped into a life of servitude, Basara forms a reverse contract by accident and ends up becoming Mio’s master!

Hijinks ensue as Basara finds himself in one ecchi situation after another.

Soon Tomo and Mafuyu find themselves in the middle of a battle between two groups of Qwasers whose goal is to protect or steal the Theotokos of Tsarytsin.

With more allies and enemies arriving, who will survive the assault?He then departed overseas after bringing Basara two beautiful step-sisters.But Mio and Maria's true forms are actually a newbie Demon Lord and a succubus!?Basara almost ends up forming a dangerous servant and master contract with them, but due to an error, the contract becomes reversed, and Basara becomes the master instead.Last Updated: This page is still being created and is still partial in its information.Now, instead of making comrades and studying for his exam, Akuto finds himself fighting off monsters, bullies, and well-meaning classmates in various states of undress.

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