Radajaxmanager not updating controls is nia long still dating

It does exacly what the name indicates - acts as a proxy for the main Rad Ajax Manager control.

The proxy control does, therefore, not provide any client side functionality as the manager does.

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That is - if you have a Rad Ajax Manger in a user control and then in a content page using that user control - you will have to use a proxy.

No problem here - you can easily put your Rad Ajax Manager in your Master Page , and then use the proxy implementation on other pages in your system.

Since we use a proxy manager, all Ajax calls will expose everything from the "parent" Ajax manager.

This will only be a problem if you have several different "On Ajax Request" on the same page.

However, it is not possible to set the On Ajax Request in the proxy manager.

This will, therefore, be done in my user control code behind as follows: From my user control code behind "my User cs": I now have a reference to the "parent" Rad Ajax Manager (first line of code), I add a couple of client events that I want to execute in the user control, and finally create a new delegate to handle the Ajax request event.

This is done through code - here are some examples from my implementation: First we set up the "parent" Rad Ajax Manager in the master page.

From my master page: Then we set up the Rad Ajax Manager Proxy in the user control or the content page (or as many places as you want). You may not need the globalization stuff that goes on in my script manger.

There is no client-side object, no On Ajax Request function, and no client-side events. How can I make an Ajax call when there is no On Ajax Request function in the proxy?

Well, I thought maybe I could put the On Ajax Request in the "parent" Rad Ajax Manager which resides on the master page, but that won't work either since I have other ajax request I want to make from other parts of the system - like other content pages or other user controls. To use the events from the "parent" Rad Ajax Manger, you must get a reference to it from the page where the proxy resides.

I recently implemented a tab strip with a context sensitive menu, i.e., right click on any tab strip to get a context menu.

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