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Does anybody have anything to share with the group?" Or, perhaps the leader has a specific icebreaker question like: "Who was your favorite childhood friend? " Typically, the icebreaker question sets the tone for the group's discussion time.It was also a red flag that my suspicions were right – we didn’t share the same level of interest in each other.

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The remainder of the group time is typically devoted to Bible study and prayer.

A true icebreaker question is an open-ended question that is used at the beginning of the group's discussion time.

The best questions for your date will depend on your individual personalities. This is a very long list of questions and is recommended if you're considering a future with your partner.

At the beginning of your discussion the leader may ask an icebreaker question like, "How was your week?

Try not to ask too many questions at once, so it doesn't end up appearing like an interview.

If you're just getting to know the other person it's best to stay away from questions which may be seen as too personal.

Finally around , he came to the beach and explained to me that he had gone to lunch with a group of people.

Needless to say, this created a heated conversation of why he didn’t invite me to come along with him.

Today as I listen to single women tell their stories about dating divorced men, I remember my experience well.

I see them making choices about dating divorced men similar to ones I made.

Good icebreaker questions are open-ended, meaning they don't have a right or wrong answer.

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