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PROBLEM – Flashed DOOGEE-F5-Android5.1-20160701 this morning. So I Requested You To Make Perfect Rom For Oukitel U10 . The first time I tried to use it, there was an error in the flashtool. the phone remains soft brickedhello sir, i see that you have done a great job to provide us with all the bugfix and new custom roms. Sticker inside says model SX1 but before i rooted it i took details as follows: Model V1 Rom - X5_72KK_KK_3GW_B15_EMM_32_4_QHD_TC_ZX_20150508.145001 I have tried your ROM x200 and another one, X5_72KK_KK_3GW_B15_EMMC_32_4_QHD_GX_G650_5S_20150725. Benjy54hi i need your help i have downloaded your provided telenor smart pro firmware and flashed it using spd upgradetool but i had a problem as i flashed it disabled my sim2 option in the settings i cant see sim management option nor i can see my imei1 as i type the imei checking code so i want your help to fix this issue i would be more then thankful to you for helping me out Hi! How do i update to 192MW_82_648_P1MB4_BS_HD_V6.0_20160104_CN_ML_update? , in device manager USB Single Port (Com14) Found plz plz plz save my life I need firmware presales with Russian language phone NOTE (the ALPS. How can I manage so that Sp flash tool recognize my device? P4, 2013/09/27 Kernel v : 3.4.5 ([email protected]) (gcc version 4.6.x-google 20120106 (prerelease) (GCC) ) #2 SMP Wed Mar 19 CST 2014 Uboot build v : ----- LCD Driver IC : 0-otm1283a_hd720_dsi_vdo Please update the firmware! I want to know of what is updated in each section.. If is not too much to ask, could you release some roms for Lenovo A630 with new versions of android, like 4.3 or 4.4? My phone is f*c%: I bought the star ulefone N9002 2GB 32GB. Since it is not allowing me to insert a modified ROM. on the website of miui there is a versione 4.3.28). Hi So [email protected] I had an issue when trying to install rom Update MIUI V5 – 4.3.28 for JIAYU G2F I\'ve got an error message:invalid ota package missing scatter.MT6753 Processor , 3GB Ram 16GB Rom ,16 MP Camera Front Which is Interpolation 13MP , 8MP Front Camera Which is Interpolation of 5 MP , Finger Print on Backside 0.2 Sec , Air Geasture , Motion Sensor, Double tap home Button to Lock screen, Double Tap to unlock Screen , Geastures , Battery Saver mode etc Present on it But Missing only Two Features . Hi I have downloaded Dupad story Captain Rom and tried to install the update as per instrructions. \"Sp Flash tool error 8417 The Load Scatter file is invalid\" Is there any other setting before installing ? Очень хочется знать какая кастомная рекавери подойдет к этому зверю. It said something about the scatter file being illegal, or in other words, not recognized by the flashtool. I have cubot x9 for which there is no cyanogen 12.1 rom.. I request you to plz port any cm12.1 for cubot x9 with fixed bugs.. I am having a lot of trouble with getting drivers to work with this bricked phone and i am trying to flash new ROM direct from SD card. i have copied the zip files across to the SD using card reader in my laptop. I flashed 192MW_82_648_P1MB4_BS_HD_V6.0_20160104_CN_ML on my MT6582. It continuously restarts and if at all I wait till charging goes down it never gets recognized at all. I have been trying to use this to update my Cubot S222 and so far im seeing nothing. Google service has stopped working poor translation for Russian and many other disadvantages not grateful for even earlier) Lewa or can be converted to flash this firmware through SP_Flash_Tool So [email protected], I observe you have a very large collection of ROM, Can I ask for a backup ROM with the following specifications: SM-N9006 Clone Note 3 MT6572 Dual Core 1.3GHz ram 512MB LCD 5.7inch LCD Driver IC : 0-otm9605_qhd_dsi_vdo Thank you very much for your help, I\'ve been looking for a ROM about 4 months but none of them was successful, Recently I managed to flash the ROM but the screen is half black half lit. The MTK’s 6589T dream of full hd resolution in performons. In fact, the game would have been the automatic resolution of the hd though perfect When We Get :)hello friend, the rom for emoto e868 is MTK6582? In the official website describes having 8 cores with mtk6592. And is the launcher shown in the picture same as in download 1 ? Thanx Thank you for all the support to the community. Build Number G2F-20140123-TD_HD_R-V0.10.04 Do you have any idea to solve that ? I use your rom, but Smart Phone Flash Tool next error: SP FLASH TOOL ERRR: (8200) Platform Error] The load and target are inconsistent!

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I dont know what is happening and i dont find yey any solution. Bro Plz I need a rom for kodak IM5, Please help me i desperately need it. mi dispositivo no arranca se queda en el logo de inicio hyundai mobile y de ahi no pasa. el spmdt lo probe en windows 10 y windows 7 y dice lo mismo...heeloo why dont work thiss ATHEROS XPLORE XP7501? If you could massage me back with a link to the original website files for this phone, i would be very grateful. It doesn\'t appear to be made by HDC as it has a different build string, with the id \"Z6U030HA_V101En\" written on my phone\'s hello looking, rom of Polish language for this model goophone i6s plus: Baseband version: MOLY. I tried beta version you posted but its full of bugs.

I appreciate if somebody has a solution and help me to fix my cellphone. I donot have either drivers or custom recovery for this device. my email - [email protected] im using a doogee x6 pro mt6735 and i used ur rom for mt6735M but i got some bugs 1. auto rotation keeps activating by itself 3 the system bar is white not dark grey how i usualy seen on 6.0 OS. Have a great day Hi friend, I have a logic x5 lite Download your firmware, but does not recognize my sim card, change the imei same Also download the second firmware you uploaded and get me error in the researchdownload Hola Amigos baje la rom del HYUNDAI E545 Y EL Flash SPMDT y cuando busco el scatter file me dice ! i click scatter loading and brings me error SPS FLASH TOOLS ERROR 8417 THE LOAD SCATTER FILE IS INVALID?? By any chance you can upload STOCK ROM for ZTE Blade S7 would be super greatly appreciated. whether there is a newer firmware for UMI Rome X than Official UMI Rome X Version: UMI ROME X. and i was wondering if you have a rom for royqueen t788? And other versions for ddr3 ram doesn\'t boot at all.

But I have try to flash the ROMs you\'ve posted here and they didn\'t worked. Could you please post the ROM of this new MTN L860? pleasehello friend...i download your rom for my phone Guo Phone g9002 after brick it , and i can load with flash tool but after that , the phone doesnt turn screem ( with light ) , and i can have access to recovery menu but thats all... Hi So [email protected], Thanks you for the files you put on but as said roblynch68, the V8 Flash is corrupted and can\'t be unzip properly. pls give me the link at [email protected] you so muckin advance.... Thank you Bye Seboola te felicito por tan bonita labor que ases ayudando a todos con sus mobiles en verdad gracias yo tengo un telefono marca lenovo modelo A399 resulta que le borraron el sistema operativo y a hora prende ynada mas seve el logo lo lleve a una clinica de celulares qoe no tiene sistema operativo me podrian ayudar gracias Hello.

hello [email protected], I want to ask you something, if u can help. :)SM-N9000 FCC ID: A3LSMN9000 SSN: N9000SMH REPLICA NOTE 3 PHONE IT WAS SHOWING SM-1327 MODEL IT HAS MT6572_S00 CHIP NAME 0x0000ca01 CHIP VERSION I opened its pcb 1327 main pcb v.5.0 mediatek arm 6572A chip 4GB rom and 512MB ram chip kmn5w000zm-b207 chip. I want to really appreciate your efforts in helping everyone through your generosity.

the problem of the imei and BM I don\'t care about as the phone works fine, making calls, receiving calls and messages. V43, 2015/02/10 Kernel v : 3.4.67 ([email protected]) (gcc version 4.7 (GCC) ) #3 SMP Sat May 30 CST 2015So [email protected] could you post the ROM for TTMOBILE M1? After flashing ROM 2 the phone booted up OK, but the touch screen is not working. MP.v35 2014/09/18 ro.mediatek.version.release=ALPS. i try to root fail (SU inaccessible) please advice how to solve the issuehi There can you please please please help me I have been rather stupid have tried to upload rom to my lenovo to see if it was a software issue causing the tablet to int not auto rotate. it installed successfully but as you will be aware i have now lost my phone.

or if u can get in touch with me I would be very happy, Im going nuts trying to merge back the memory. Hello do you have the rom for \"POLAROID COSMOS 5.5\" because I flash this one ( because I did not that there was a COSMOS not 5.5 and now my camera doesn\'t work... There is a youtube video for this phone at Do you have any other ROM for G9500L to revive my phone? I have tried to install /YT2-1380L_S000209_ROW_otaful into phoneflash4.4.4.1 but when it checks it, it comes up saying the following 06/10/15 .063 ERROR : Invalid flash file 06/10/15 .063 ERROR : Error in parsing xml file please check the contents of xml file! I will pay you if that is necessary, so I need to fix this problem thanks and please, read this message. By chance I put on Lenovo S898T Golden Warrior a 4.4.2 ROM. would it be possible to post 1)New updated ROM i6 193MW MG482ZP/A with Android 4.3 or 4.4 or earlier?

There will be someone who can indicate where I FIND the desired rom ? Now I\'ll push for my luck and cross my fingers with the hope that you can pleeeeaaaaassssseeeee upload a stock ROM for Izuxe M-One (MT6592 - MS Board: 719v92_hydy_hd_izuxe). Thanks in advance and kudos for the hard work: Hi.. I can\'t access my google account and can\'t sync my Contacts and other things even i installed play store app, gmail, google drive but not helped me, sign in from here, in play store app i can see my purchase history but it is not showing my Balance and Settings -good day greetings to you let me know or if I could you please have a verykool helix s5025 and can not find the ROM, the phone is not completely brick recognizes the pc if I could you please provide it or tell me where this is the I\'d be very gratefull So [email protected], i really appreciate for post FOTOLA 808, u saved my phone. Have played around trying to get the others back but no luck. el mio es ro[email protected] Title: XGODY G300 Listed: 12/21/2015 pm ROM Version: ROM Android 4.4.2 Links: XGODY G300 Flashtools YOU FLASH left me withour SN and invalid IMEI... there are a lot of friends with the same error help us ... He has Jelly Bean 4.2.2 and maybe you have the same variant of Android. V1 Build date UTC : 20150528-132919 Android v : 4.4.2 Baseband v: MOLY. then my phone never works and does not turn how set his .merci Hello. I have HUAWEI G700-U10 Can You Find Any Rom With Android 4.4 or 5.0 for My Phone. G700_Ua_EMUI2.0 But Can\'t Find Any Higher Android Version. ты автор прошивки DEXP Иксион ML 4.7 - обновление v1.6?

I own a rooted DOOGEE X5 MAX PRO running Marshmalloow 6.(ROOTED) I cannot enable wireless display in cast screen to connect to miracast.. I want to learn how to do full ROM Dump on New chipsets like MT6580M or new operating systems like android L and M. provide some solutions so i can change the feedback score if you are intrested in that sir socrate i made a big mistake try to flash my superinworld c5 with your rom mtk6580 but my phone is 6572 ... Can you please help me to install google services and play store to my PPTV King 7s? Ive had the phone for over a year having with no issues till now. I think the Lcd driver- iphone 6 (hdc i6 Mtk6572) The inscriptions on Mainboard *V68_MB_V1.2 2014-07-21HOLA PRIMERO MUCHAS GRACIAS POR LA AYUDA QUE DAS Y DESPUES TE QUIERO PEDIR UN FAVOR QUE TENGO ESTE CELULAR BCS6 PERO LA ROM QUE TIENES ME DA ERROR EN EL CHEKSUM LO DESABILITO Y ME DA ERROR DE CHIP HABRA FORMA QUE ME PUDIERAS AYUDARHi there ! I read somewhere that Utok 351D is twin brother of a product of Malata,but i don\'t know wich is. My e-mail adress is : [email protected] consideration, Viorel I have small question about Bluboo X2... Hardware : MT6572 Model : A610 Build number : ALPS. A few days ago i have posted an issue with one of the ROM posted by you, it´s for SOLONE SL-SA5 phone. Прошу доработать ее, проблема в том что есть резкое падение батареи, причем на всех версиях. На 4пда есть фикс на исправление этого косяка, но я хочу чтоб была полностью рабочая прошивка Hi.. As you built Lollipop Rom for Blackview Breeze phone with MT6582 processor , then you \'re going to start working more Roms wit Lolipop for mobile phones with the same processor as Inew V3 ? Look i need a ROM for my Yezz Andy 3.5EI to be 4.4.2 as the Yezz Andy 5EI that both phones have the same characteristics, less clear..

hi, I used your htc d516t rom, and thank you for this first of all, but I can\'t perform a system update, and it clearly shows this rom is not the official one, it\'s a modified. 2 Megapixel Rear Camera 2 Megapixel Front Facing Camera.. and with user data flash tool stops at 100% and error. phone went off running, but does not work at all touch. pls mail me at [email protected] u nid my nandroid full buck up and help me thanks in advance sir kip up the good work may god bless u Hello I need the ROM Andy 5EL LTE AM5EL137 . I installed a Rom Andy AC5 , but various app crashes, and it recognizes that 1 a SIM . Please help and also do you have the official Android 5.x Rom?

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