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In Kathmandu Valley this is a particularly prevalent practice.

In Nepal, a Kumari is believed to be the incarnation of Taleju.

December 14, 2016 | Dehradun, India | Luigi Fieni What does it take to revive an ancient temple?

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Read more September 8, 2016 | Lo Manthang, Nepal | Bruce Moore Yar tun marks the end of the lazy days of the growing season and the start of the hard work of the harvest.

The ancient festival was revived in Lo Manthang about 15 years ago.

Hindu scriptures like the Jñanarnava Rudrayamala tantra assign names to a Kumari depending on her age.

A one-year-old girl is called Sandhya, a two-year-old girl is called Sarasvati, a child of three years of age is called Tridhamurti, on her fourth year she is Kalika, on fifth she is Subhaga, on sixth she is Uma, on her seventh year she is called Malini.

The worship of the goddess in a young girl represents the worship of divine consciousness spread all over the creation.

As the supreme goddess is thought to have manifested this entire cosmos out of her womb, she exists equally in animate as well as inanimate objects.

The entire ritual of Kumari is based on this verse.

But while worshiping a goddess, only a young girl is chosen over a mature woman because of their inherent purity and chastity.

Also included is an essay by Paul Jett that is both a brief explanation of the science of radiocarbon testing and a validation of the revised dating of Nepalese wood carving proposed in the study.

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