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Database backups, integrity checks, and performance optimizations form the core of a DBA’s regular maintenance tasks.

Backups are usually at the top of the list, as data is one of the most important, if not most important, facets of a business.

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SQL Server can automatically maintain statistics, periodically refreshing them based on its tracking of data modifications.

However, for some tables, such as those subject to significant changes in distribution, or those with skewed values, it’s possible that SQL Server’s automatic statistics update will be inadequate to maintain consistently high levels of query performance.

In this article, I’ll describe, briefly, when SQL Server creates statistics and its criteria for performing automatic statistics updates.

I’ll then explain, in more detail, why automatic updates to statistics may not be sufficient, and what data you can gather and monitor to help you manage statistics manually, and proactively, rather than in response to query performance issues.

The statistics auto update is triggered by query optimization or by execution of a compiled plan, and it involves only a subset of the columns referred to in the query.

Statistics are updated before query compilation if AUTO_UPDATE_STATISTCS_ASYNC is OFF here are nice articles that speak about when update statistics is triggered in SQL server after knowing when statistics is triggered it will help you decide when to update statistics manually to know more about Statistics & its effect on performance i recommend Brent Ozar and Kimberly in sqlskills very good blogs & bloggers. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count).I'm trying to get us out of the "just because" mind-set of doing unnecessary Maintenance.I would recommend using some thing like…If you are using Auto Update Statistics for your database, see this reference for the threshold of when statistics are updated. if and only if auto update statistics feature is not good enough for your requirements.i mean if auto create and auto update statistics are ON and you are getting a bad query plan because the statistics are not accurate or current then it might be a good idea to have control over statistics creation and update.Finally, a DBA has to ensure that performance is optimal, and ensuring that statistics remain up-to-date and accurate is an important part of this task.

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