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Katherine’s without a wheelchair that she had her children carry her into the church for the service. is as well know today in Baltimore as he was when he was alive.The building that houses the Baltimore Circuit Court and the Office of the Baltimore State's Attorney was named in his honor.It lays out, in details some of the extensive work in his portfolio.

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His efforts in the civil rights arena are chronicled in a book: "Lion in the lobby : Clarence Mitchell, Jr.’s struggle for the passage of civil rights laws" published in 2002.

Mitchell is included in the book "Marylanders of the Century", written by Joseph R. Sterne, retired editor of The Baltimore Sun’s editorial pages who covered the civil rights struggle in Washington during the 1960s.

As a child, Mitchell saw the hardships his family faced, and even watched his mother, Elsie Davis Mitchell, take in laundry and table boarders to supplement his father’s income from working at the Rennert Hotel.

A religious woman, Mitchell’s mother attended church at St. in Baltimore, where Mitchell and his brother served in the services on Sunday mornings.

Mitchell wrote articles about the infamous Scottsboro case, and also on the lynching of a black man in Cambridge, on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

While Mitchell missed the lynching itself, he was there in time to see the fanatical crowd douse the body with gasoline, set it ablaze and drag it through the black neighborhood in the city.

Mitchell, as others who knew him as a young person recall, was an honest person.

At his jobs at the many hotels and restaurants he worked at, he never gave in to the opportunity to steal food and take it home, even though everyone knew the financial status of his family.

Mitchell attended the Old Douglass High School, and then went on to school at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania, where he excelled in his studies and was known as quite a prankster.

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