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The coin has only now come to light in the greater collecting community because Wing's heirs contacted Steven Contursi of Rare Coin Wholesalers, hoping to have the coin authenticated.Contursi says, (in the press release that was the primary source for this article,) that he himself doubted the coin was genuine until he tested it with a magnet.

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Therefore, we constructed a nir S knockout mutant of Burkholderia cepacia NH-17.

The mutant had no in vitro nitrite reductase activity and did not convert NODr.

When the 1943-S copper cent finally came to light in 2008, the finder's heirs also provided a file of correspondence related to the coin. Wing didn't give up, though, and his persistence paid off.

Of course, we know otherwise today, but I can imagine what a letdown that must have been to a teenage boy who was hoping for official confirmation of what he knew had to be true: that the coin was struck by U. He showed the 1943 copper penny to the Director of the San Francisco Mint in 1948, who gave him the private opinion that it was genuine. C., resulted in a referral to the Smithsonian Institution!

Kenneth Miller is as familiar as anyone in the scientific community with the intelligent-design movement and its attempts to undermine the theory of evolution.

A professor of biology at Brown University and coauthor (with Joe Levine) of the standard high-school textbook Biology, Miller testified at the Dover trial as an expert witness for the plaintiffs, the Dover parents who brought suit against their town's school board.

However, there are absolutely no examples in the scientific literature of any function requiring more than a thousand or so amino acids working at the same time (as in the simplest bacterial motility system) ever evolving - period.

The beneficial "steppingstones" are just too far apart due to all the junk that separates the few beneficial islands of function from every other island in the vast universe of junk sequences at such levels of informational complexity.

Some guys have all the luck, and then some guys make their own luck by creating the opportunity to be lucky. Wing, of Long Beach, Ca., created one of his biggest opportunities in the early 1940s when he decided to start checking the dates of all of the pennies he came across in pocket change to see if he could build a complete collection of Lincoln Cents.

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