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I had too much respect for how fortunate we were and what we’d accomplished to screw it up.Thankfully, a close-knit family and supportive friends also made the transition smoother for me.Needless to say, listening to fellow students shout “Whoa!

That, combined with being a stay-at-home mommy, makes it a little tougher to jet set to Los Angeles on a whim.

These days, I mostly come into town when I book something.

That said, I’m still INCREDIBLY passionate about my career, and I’m constantly looking for new projects!

To fill in the creative gaps, I’ve spent the last couple of years writing.

I feel like we walked off of the TV and into the “real world” and I wonder what it was like for you.

It was certainly a bit surreal, especially considering we had to make that adjustment as teenagers.Jul 5, 2014 AM EDT The '90s NBC sitcom Blossom may have seemed like a blip on the TV radar, but the show was responsible for launching a few major careers, is remembered for being way ahead of its time, coining a few catchphrases and singlehandedly putting th…Read more Jenna von Oy leaves her modest home and quiet life in Nashville and swaps places with Jill Zarin, who has a lavish summer home—complete with a staff—in the Hamptons, where she frequently hosts big parties.I met my husband, Brad, here in Nashville about five years ago.We married in 2010, and had our beautiful daughter, Gray, in May of 2012.It was followed by the quirkier, wackier, somewhat kitschier, and significantly more sarcastic Coffee & Men: An EP For Childish Adults, which was intended for film and television placement (both can be found on i Tunes and Amazon).

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