Inbetween phase before you start dating Totaly free nude websites

You know that tiny, ever-so-blissful space that resides delicately in between the first few dates with a new partner and being knee-deep in an actual, real-life relationship with him or her?

The challenge of figuring a new partner’s sexual triggers is HOT.

In our everyday, normal lives, we vehemently loathe sh*tty pop music, however, when we’re in the throes of the “in-between phase,” we just can’t help but sing along to that extremely catchy Taylor Swift song.

And when we don’t really know a person, it’s easier for us to project our illustrious fantasies onto him or her.

When we’re in the newfound bliss of the in-between phase, we aren’t looking at a whole, fully realized human being but an “idea” of a person.

And it’s oh so much easier to fall for an idea of a person than an actual person.

Think of it like a blank undecorated room with stark white walls: When something is blank, we have full reign to decorate that space in our imaginations any way we like, as opposed to a lived-in room, a pre-decorated space that’s already adorned with its very own personal style.

The in-between phase is that glorious state of being where the possibilities are endless. Before negativity and sarcasm rear their ugly little heads and f*ck everything up.

It’s the space in which we lose ourselves in the vibrant sparkle and are immersed in the glittering daydream of what this new, exciting flame could develop into.

Even the girl who is devoid of emotions, the girl who lives her life medicated and NUMB isn’t safe from the slew of welcomed nerves that accompany the in-between phase.

It just feels good to f*cking feel for a change, you know?

We are still able to look at them with innocent, Bambi eyes.

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