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By giving Harris permission to share these stories, they are being licensed to him for use in whatever way he sees fit—in whole in or in part, censored or uncensored, in service of whatever conclusions he comes to about the impact of his work.

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Joshua Harris, the hero of the evangelical purity movement, has hinted he may have been wrong to suggest traditional dating was dangerous.

After years of intense criticism as well as a cult status in the "True Love Waits" abstinence campaign, the author of "I want to do more than just say, 'Oh, I should have said a few things differently,' he said.

"I just need to listen to where people are before I come out with my own thoughts...

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I don't have all the answers yet." In an interview with Slate almost two decade after the book was first published in 1997, Harris said: "What I was writing about was 'Avoid this pain, avoid these mistakes, don't do these things,' "Is that really how we grow as human beings?

" Although he still upholds the traditional evangelical view that sex is only for heterosexual marriage, Harris is questioning some of his assumptions when he wrote the book aged 21.

Have you tasted pain in dating, drifted through one romance or, possibly, several of them? I Kissed Dating Goodbye shows what it means to entrust your love life to God.

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