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First, however, let’s consider a legal issue that is closely connected to validity: employment discrimination.

Avoiding Discrimination Charges It is illegal--and a poor business practice--to discriminate on the basis of such .

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Such a practice would constitute disparate treatment.

In general, the greater the adverse impact, the greater the burden of proof on employers to defend the validity of their selection process if it is challenged.

A selection process is not valid on its own, but rather, relative to a specific purpose.

For example, a test that effectively predicts the work quality of strawberry pickers may be useless in the selection of a capable crew foreman.

A critical component of validity is (i.e., reliably) it does so.

In this chapter we will (1) review ways of improving the consistency or reliability of the selection process; (2) discuss two methods for measuring validity; and (3) present two cases that illustrate these methods.(2) Focus on the person's eyes, not the disability.(This is especially so when speaking to someone who is severely disfigured.) (3) Be patient.A selection process is valid if it helps you increase the chances of hiring the right person for the job.It is possible to evaluate hiring decisions in terms of such valued outcomes as high picking speed, low absenteeism, or a good safety record.If a greater proportion of women passed the test, more women would be hired—on the basis of their test performance, not of their gender.

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