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I appreciate friendship but real of course, I love children, animals, nature! No, I am not a professional, of course, but for sure an addict :). Because to be a man - it's not only words, but his action shows him. I am target-oriented, I am always trying to achieve my goals.

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I hate unfaithfulness and need trust in relationships above all!

What trait of character I am looking for in my man first of all?

But how to understand it without seeing the person? If we stood facing each other, and you looked at my eyes, you would have immediately realized that I’m sincere and honest. I have an active life position, love sport and travelling, enjoy both the sea and the mountains, love to open new places and people for myself. Yes, eyes can say everything about the personality, goals and intentions. Indulge my man with a variety of goodies is the best for me to do. I can say that I am a good housekeeper and I can combine my job and carrying about the house.

Friends say I'm a kind, understanding and responsible person. I'm standing on the ground and not flying in the clouds. But they can not pass the smell that was coming from the kitchen when I'm cooking. There are so many things in life to enjoy together. When I was a small girl I skated on roller all the time, mostly rink skating. When we talk about fairy tales, on the face of any child as well as adult, a wandering smile appears. And I can afford it because I often go to the gym and take care of my figure and my health.

I like roses and orchids, and my friends say I’m really tender like an orchid. In fact, I am young and beautiful and I want to love and be loved! I also like experimenting and cooking exotic recipes of different countries. And after then we could go to the gym or swimming, or cycling, or just do some sightseeing or go to our favourite place together.

I am interested in a inner world of a person to feel warm, comfortable with him.

If it is you I will look forward to hearing from you.

Would you kindly let me steal your attention with me? I’m full of energy and if you ever happen to be out of breath you can count on me. It’s been growing for a long time without my partner. My affection grows further than a little love affair. I take it’s so due to our mentality, because I am a girl of traditional values and I don’t mind being courted by my man who I’d like to payback with my care and a hospitable atmosphere at home.

The age of the man is not important to me, because I would like to have an older partner, who has a good life experience. And be sure we'll find the most beloved fairy-tale hero for whom we care, we love and admire his qualities. I’m, like the main character, the embodiment of all the virtues of courtesy, friendliness, modesty, moderation, seriousness, dignity and at the same time retain a spontaneity and emotional openness, common sense and the ability of critical judgment. I have an ocean of love inside and I will give it to one person only because I'm one man woman!

I am sure that my man will make house and I will make home. I need a man who will inspire me and make my eyes shine. You and I are looking for something special and unique for us. Many people think that beautiful girls can't be as smart as beautiful. With a help of my work, I proved it to my clients and to myself!

I want so much and so little from him at the same moment. I am cheerful, emotional with a great imagination :).

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