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It seems like the single life is treating Halle Berry well. News has learned that the actress, who recently split from husband Olivier Martinez, "is in a very peaceful and happy place at this time," according to a source, and although it's not hard to believe that men are probably flocking to the gorgeous celeb, we're told that while Berry is dating "here and there," she "is just taking a step back from being in another serious relationship for a while."The insider tells us, "She hasn't gotten into another relationship since her breakup but she has been talking to a few people very lightly and going out when she has time. She has a positive outlook on life."Speaking of her children, Nahla and Maceo, the source tells E!

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The actress filed papers to end their two-year marriage on Oct.

Sexy Halle Berry insists the world has Hugh Jackman to thank for her topless scene in Swordfish.

He wasn't just sitting around waiting for me to take off my shirt.

He was the one who called for the set to be closed and he told a guy who didn't need to be there to beat it.

» Australian hunk Hugh Jackman is on a strict binge-eating diet to build himself up for X-Men 2.

Jackman is spending the next six months building up his physique to look like a muscle packed superhero.

The actress had never bared her breasts on the big screen before and was terrified about having to do it in John Travolta's summer blockbuster.

But her friend and co-star Jackman made sure the experience was as enjoyable for her as possible.

But Hugh had the tables turned on him when he was told he was one of five stars nominated for Best Actor in a musical or comedy - for his role in upcoming flick Kate & Leopold.

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