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In her forty years of service and discovery, through upgrades and at least two refits, she took part in numerous first contacts, military engagements, and time-travels.She achieved her most lasting fame from a five-year mission (2265-2270) under the command of Captain James T. (Star Trek: The Original Series; ") and Captain Robert April oversaw construction of her components, then commanded her during her trial runs and early missions.

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Fox and hound erie speed dating

By stardate 4657.5, the Enterprise was traveling through space in a region hundreds of light years further than any Earth starship had explored.

(") The reality of time travel, externally influenced, had been known for over a century, but following two accidental temporal displacements, the Enterprise became the Federation's first deliberately-controlled timeship.

According to The Making of Star Trek, the Enterprise was built on Earth but assembled in space.

According to a computer display that was created by production staff of Star Trek: Enterprise but never used on screen, Jonathan Archer was present at the launch and died the next day.

His missions included voyages to the Rigel, Vega, and Talos systems.

Pike's half-Vulcan science officer, Spock, who served under him for over eleven years, ultimately became the starship's longest-serving officer.(") One year later, in 2268, a single-cell organism of colossal scale emitted negative energy, toxic to humanoid life, killing the entire Vulcan crew of the USS Intrepid.The Enterprise penetrated the cell interior and destroyed the organism before its imminent cell division threatened to overwhelm the rest of the galaxy.This information remains non-canon, because it was never photographed on film.", it is stated that Sarah April's service on the Enterprise was the first time a medical officer served on a starship equipped with warp drive.However, it is established in Star Trek: Enterprise that warp-capable starships had medical personnel prior to the time of her service.Observing the death-throes of Psi 2000, the crew suffered from polywater intoxication and the Enterprise nearly lost orbit after an engine shutdown.

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