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But more importantly, they both add a button in your quest journal that you can click and it brings up Allakazam/EQ2i in your ingame browser to whichever quest you’re currently on.

” Well I thought it was past time that someone actually write a is divided into 2 parts.

The first part includes some general leveling advice to applies to every level and class.

There are many UI mods out there that give you additional options and information that will make playing the game a lot easier.

The two UI that I would recommend the most are Extreme UI and Profit UI.

In almost every single situation you’d be better off killing the mob faster than outliving it.

The longer it takes you to kill a mob, the more time it has to dish out damage at you, and the more mana you waste fighting. Killing a mob in one minute, which costs 80% of your HP and 40% of your mana, or B.

A short explanation of how the versioning works would also be appreciated.

When does the build and revision number get incremented?

The second part has a tier-by-teir look at where to get the best XP. GENERAL LEVELING ADVICE In my opinion, the best way to level in EQ2 is by solo questing, solo questing, solo questing.

If you get a really good grind group going with full vitality, heroic xp *can* outstrip solo xp, however its often a total crapshoot how good of a group you get.

I would like the version property of my application to be incremented for each build but I'm not sure on how to enable this functionality in Visual Studio (2005/2008). - I also have used (a simple and powerful regex-based search replace tool) to do the update from a command line as part of the build process.

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