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The British Journal of Occupational Therapy, 68(7): 315-318 Survey of occupational therapy students’ attitudes towards sexual issues in clinical practice Jones Mairwen K, Weerakoon Patricia Pynor, Rosemary A (2005).

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A survey on different facets of sexual rehabilitation in the psychiatric field of occupational therapy Fouche LO (2006).

South African Journal of Occupational Therapy, 36(1): 2-5 Understanding issues of sexuality and privacy for individuals with developmental disabilities Preston L, Lewin JE (2006) OT Practice, 11(22): Suppl.

With the help of his therapist and priest, he contacts Cheryl, a professional sex surrogate.

The film follows the fascinating relationship which evolves between Cheryl and Mark as she takes him on his journey (Sex)abeled: Disability Uncensored — University of California's Disabled Student's Union's film about sex and disability.

Edited by Helen Christophers and published by Contact-a-Family and available online: You can search for the name of the film on You Tube, or use the following web address:- Part one: Through her film, she tells the viewer how she wants to be seen: as sexy, sexual and desirable.

scat=39 Up Young Up Up Parent guide: Preparing for adult life and transition in Northern Ireland sexual advice from sex therapists wide range of information about sex and disability, including FAQs of the Sex and Disability Helpine Elfrida Society website provides good respources and sexual training is included in their work and Sex Resources and Disability Webliography a huge international resource which has sadly not been kept up to date Sexability Blogspot Sex After40advice for people into a ripe age Youthnet good sex advice for young people sex information and help for teens and 20s uk/Livewell/Sexandyoungpeople Guide to Getting it On online with many useful links Come As You Are website contains useful articles on many topics not covered elsewhere for example adapting sex toys to suit sensitivity, allergies, etc The Love Programme — Relationships and Sexuality, a Young Person's Perspective 2012 made with people with learning disabilities by Kids. Last Taboo 2012 directed by Alexander Freeman, telling the story of six people with various physical disabilities, sharing their perspectives on intimacy, relationships, and speaking of misconceptions regarding disability, identity, gender, attraction, beauty and sexuality. Award-winning poetic documentary about a couple, he deaf-blind and she with a spinal problem, and how they navigate their marriage Scarlet Road 2012 A australian documentary by Rachel Wotton on the rights of sex workers to see people with disabilities, and all that this entails The Sessions 2012 Directed by Ben Lewin. Mark, a 36- year-old man who uses an iron lung, decides he no longer wishes to be a virgin.

Focus on research Haslam L(2001)B ritish Journal of Occupational Therapy, 64 (9): 448 Sexual reconstruction after the "loss of manhood": implications for occupational therapy Yau M (2011).

Occupational Therapy Australia, 24th National Conference and Exhibition, 29 June - 1 July 2011; Australian Occupational Therapy Journal, 58: Supplement: 127 Proposing a new sexual health model of practice for disability teams: The Recognition Model Couldrick L, Sadlo G, Cross V (2010).

A Systematic Review of Recent Qualitative Studies Conducted in the United Kingdom Kerry Dyer, BSc Hons and Roshan das Nair, Ph D, CPsychol, AFBPs S.

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