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Installing a new version of Indy will render Live Tiles unusable, as it will not be able to load the Indy packages anymore, and Live Tiles cannot be recompiled by end users.

There have been some reports that when compiling Indy for XE3, the compiler may complain about missing *.otares files. The files that are checked in to SVN do not contain this statement, but apparently the compiler may decide to insert it on its own.

If this happens, just remove the statement and recompile again. They are generated by the IDE when it encounters unknown resources while upgrading a project from an older IDE version.

If you want to compile Indy 10 for other Platforms on Delphi versions that support this, you have to first edit the Indy System project to remove the Id Stack Windows, Id Winsock2, and Id Wship6 units and add the Id Stack VCLPosix and Id VCLPosix Supplemental units instead, and then edit the Indy Protocols project to remove the Id Authentication SSPI and Id SSPI units.

Perhaps in a future release, we will automate this with some precompiler macros or something, but the IDE usually does not like people putting custom code in files, so this may lead to other issues.

According to Embarcadero, this package is the only design-time package that should require rebuilding after upgrading Indy with any kind of interface changes or unit list changes.

The source for this package is provided in XE2, users can find it under $(BDS)\source\indy\implementation.Installing a new version of Indy will cause this package to fail to load correctly in the IDE, preventing all contained components (such as THTTPRIO, TXMLDocument, TWeb*Dispatcher, T*Producer, TTcp*, TUdp*), as well as Wizards and Property Editors for them, from appearing at design-time.The run-time components can still be instantiated dynamically in your run-time code, though!interface changes have been made to Indy since XE2's release, so Embarcadero's Indy Peer unit will no longer compile as-is.Have a look at the following discussion on the Embarcadero forums for some of the issues you may run into and how to work around them: due to a server crash, the above linked discussion thread has been lost.You can use a separate installation of Indy 10 for non-Data Snap projects.

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