Dating opposite politics

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Good "office politics", on the other hand, help you fairly promote yourself and your cause, and is more often called networking and stakeholder management.

Perhaps due to the negative connotation, many people see office politics as something very much to be avoided.

Once you've done this, you then need to develop strategies to deal with the political behavior that is going on around you.

The best way to do this is to be a good observer and then use the information you gather to build yourself a strong network to operate in.

"There's too much wrangling and maneuvering going on – I just hate this office politicking".

"Joe, well he's a smart political mover – knows exactly how to get what he wants and how to get on." Whether you hate it, admire it, practice it or avoid it, office politics is a fact of life in any organization.

We’ve talked about “perfect boyfriend/girlfriend checklists” before, because they’re something that we pretty much all have, whether we physically write them down or not. And you’ll learn about yourself and get some new tunes, and all of this stuff, too! If you’re in a relationship, I’d love to hear what was on YOUR “checklist”, and how that compared to what you actually ended up with.

Even an open-minded person is probably holding onto some idea that they whipped together in childhood about the kind of person they imagined being with forever. There might be in the universe who exists like that. And if you’re single, I’d love to hear what is on your list, too!

And if you avoid practising 'good politics', you miss the opportunities to properly further your own interests, and those of your team and your cause.

To deal effectively with office politics and use it yourself in a positive way, you must first accept the reality of it.

And, like it or not, it's something that you need to understand and master to be sure of your own success.

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