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We met at a lake and within weeks he began to shower me with gifts, flowers, poems, expensive vacations, shopping sprees and affection.

I was naïve and from a small town, and I was sold on everything that was presented to me.

Narcissists have the uncanny ability to believe their delusions and our Family Court System is simply not equipped to deal with Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Most levels of narcissism are healthy -- when it crosses over to a level of dysfunction, then it is classified as Narcissistic Personality Disorder, which some reports state affects 5% of the population.

I trusted him when he said that he could afford what he was buying.

A year later we were married, and I discovered that there was something seriously wrong with my fairytale.

Yet after a while, you discover that under the surface the relationship is hollow. This is because a true narcissist lacks inner qualities necessary for a healthy bond: empathic perspective-taking, a moral conscience, stable confidence, and the ability to be intimate and genuine with another human being.

Being in a relationship with a narcissist (especially if you don’t realize they are one) can leave you feeling worthless, emotionally exhausted, and unfulfilled.Our marriage was filled with lies, deception, fraud and tears.I heard the term Narcissistic Personality Disorder from my therapist in 2008 when she implied that my husband was a narcissist.But chances are, once you bit in you were quickly disappointed. That is what a relationship with a narcissist is like. Their presence is magnetic and he or she seems larger than life.They are intelligent, charming, and popular, and when they’re the center of attention, some of the spotlight shines on you, too, leaving you glowing with pride, importance, and accomplishment.This is called “Narcissistic Supply” and I like to think of them in a cage at the zoo with a sign that says, “Do not feed the narcissist”. There are a multitude of online support groups, hundreds of online articles and some great books on the topic. Leaving a narcissist is one of the hardest things you will ever do but it is imperative to your future.

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