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The backup wide receiver has yet to be activated for a game, but that didn’t stop him from becoming comedic fodder for Jimmy Fallon in his latest edition of “Tonight Show Superlatives” on Thursday night’s show. Fallon did poke fun at some better-known Eagles players, such as offensive lineman Jason Peters and linebacker Jordan Hicks.

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Make sure to tune in Tuesday at 9pm on Oxygen to check it out!

Make sure to check out the May 30th edition of US Weekly where they say “OMG is this Catfish-esque series a guilty pleasure!

Make sure to tune in[…] Everyone’s favorite Summer show has been renewed for two more seasons!

In addition to Big Brother’s digital edition (that will be premiering in Fall of 2016) we are happy to announce that Big Brother 19 will air in 2017 and Big Brother 20 will air in 2018! Check out what the New York Post said about Virtually in Love!

(She said she will draw on her elementary school experience.) She also put those nasty health conspiracies to rest by opening a jar of pickles.

But then Kimmel asked Clinton if she could read some Trump quotes with a straight face, and the mildly funny game quickly took a dark turn.

He begs her not to embarrass him in front of his boss and coworkers.

Things are ok until the alcohol kicks in and Barbi starts showing off.

It's Christmas and the boss is throwing an office party.

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