Dating east coast women

Although life in NYC has treated me very well so far in many areas, and I am really enjoying my time here, I have really been striking out dating-wise.

Before moving here, I was a preschool teacher in St.

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Factor in the number of beautiful women in LA, the shallow nature of men, and the flaky nature of the town, and yeah, it’s no surprise that men stay single a lot longer out here…. Well, you touched upon it when mentioning the “competition”.

Simply put, there is not only a lot more competition when it comes to volume, but the quality of women in New York is pretty astounding.

On the other hand, making a decision to settle down can be almost paralyzing.

Barry Schwartz covers this extremely well in “The Paradox of Choice: Why More Is Less”.

Admittedly, there were not sparks flying on any of my first dates, but a couple of them were certainly guys I would have liked to get to know better and would have gladly gone had they asked me out again.

I have also tried initiating (many) emails myself and I have yet to have a guy respond to an email that I have initiated.This is not to slander women of any other city or state, but when you go to Manhattan, it’s filled to the brim with go-getter women who are pursuing their dreams in the toughest city on earth.Ivy Leaguers, models, finance minds, ad execs – NYC is filled with women who have impressive credentials. And lots of quality women are left on the outside looking in.I am a 28 year-old single woman living in Manhattan.I’ve lived here about a year and a half — I moved here to pursue my Ph D and am about halfway done.Due to this career instability, men are far less likely to get married at a young age.

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