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Then you can get a permit for it to leave the United States.

The problem starts right there, because there is no such certificate as described in the CITES regulations; there is only the permit.

Furthermore, the proposal, if approved, would set a precedent for listing finished goods on Appendix II that could easily carry over to Honduras mahogany, one of the three mahogany species currently on Appendix II but restricted only for raw lumber.

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As evidenced by the dissent in this field, even scientists who are not necessarily creationists agree that the issue has been overblown.

And it appears the doctrine of climate change has so overshadowed the science of climatology that even some secular scientists are walking away from the craziness.

On the permit application Form 3-200-32) you must list all of your guitars that contain CITES-protected material, along with information about the source of that material (including Latin name of the species and country of origin), and you must list the address of the recipient, which is presumably yourself if you are a traveling musician. but to get it into another country you will need a reciprocal permit from that country.

The fee for a single shipment is $100 and the processing time is up to 60 days. If you travel on to yet another country, you will need permits from the country you are leaving and from the one you are entering.

NAMM (the International Music Products Association) has a governmental affairs department that effectively lobbied for the guitar industry when Brazilian rosewood was added to Appendix I in 1992, and NAMM has now issued a call to action on the pernambuco proposal in the form of a letter-writing campaign from their website. Finished goods should not be restricted on Appendix II items. A practical process of certification should be implemented so that new and pre-existing finished goods can be permanently certified as to age and materials.

The email form can be edited and can be printed for fax or regular mail delivery. The Fish & Wildlife Service will only accept letters until April 20, so time is of the essence.

That's because the saddle and nut are of elephant ivory.

Although CITES didn't come into existence until 1974, the treaty restricts ivory to pieces predating 1947, and reworked ivory from pre-1947 products still counts as new ivory.

Professor Judith Curry, a well-known Georgia Institute of Technology climatologist, recently resigned her tenured faculty position.

She said the "craziness" of climate science was a "deciding factor." Curry stated on her blog, "A deciding factor was that I no longer know what to say to students and postdocs regarding how to navigate the CRAZINESS in the field of climate science.

And don't even think about carrying a tortoiseshell (Hawksbill see turtle) pick.

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