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When a man takes care to introduce you to his family and friends, he’s not only proud to show you off to the people who matter the most to him, but he clearly hopes they’ll love you as much as he does.

The idea is that you need to find someone who adores you… But initially, it means finding someone who gives you what you’re looking for without having to force the relationship to bloom. Dear Dignity Dater, Wow, I’m humbled by all the kind words you’ve been sending in response to my emails over the past few days.

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Be Willing to Share While you’re working hard to show interest and be a good listener, don’t neglect to share yourself along the way as well.

It’s true that you don’t want to monopolize a conversation, but it’s also important to hold up your end of the discussion.

As frustrating and desperate as it can feel at times, selecting the person you’re going to share your life with should require more discerning thought than most any other decision you make in your life. Just like you, being vulnerable (especially on the Internet) is a risk.

I’ve been sharing some of the deeper pieces of my personal story to share the mistakes I made and […] Hey Dignity Dater, In my last email, I shared an excerpt from an essay I wrote about one of the mistakes I repeatedly made in my life.

Ask Good Questions Perhaps the hallmark of any good conversationalist is the ability to ask good questions: initial ones and follow-ups.

This communicates your interest in people and gives them the chance to talk about what they care about.Pay attention to your body language—could your slumping communicate that you’re bored, or could your crossed arms say that you’re not open to what’s being said? Don’t let your mind wander, and don’t plan ahead how you’re going to respond. After all, we all love to “feel felt” by another person, to sense that someone else is totally in this moment with us, clueing in to what we’re saying, and feeling understood.And don’t be distracted by other people in the room, by your phone, or by the football game on the TV in the bar. ), smile, and make it clear that you’re really focusing on him or her. That’s the kind of person we’re going to feel attracted to.But the key is asking good questions that draw people out.For example, yes/no questions (“Do you like Mexican food?”) aren’t nearly as effective as open-ended questions that allow for more discussion (“Where’s the best place you know for tacos? But don’t be too open-ended (“What have you been up to lately? Instead, ask specific questions that are easier to answer (“What happened on that job interview you were nervous about? What’s most important is that you ask the kinds of questions that generate a ping-pong effect and let a comfortable back-and-forth emerge between you and the person you’re talking with.

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