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If the privately-owned Bonhams, whose turnover is a tenth of the two bigger houses, were to trade at the price to earnings ratio (P/E) of Sotheby’s, it might fetch over £530 million.

One of the proofs is the way our Richard Smith has turned chasing international scammers into a full-time activity. That seems to have exploded as more and more of the global rich seek to move cash across borders in ways not readily tracked by tax men and border officials.

The New York Times, for instance, did a major expose on high end real estate as a money laundering vehicle, focusing on one building, the Time Warner Center in Manhattan.

Bonhams’ cars have turned out to be pricier than its Russian paintings, and there’s the rub.

One of the priciest, a Ferrari 375 Plus, turns out to be stolen goods.

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Upon winning the auction, please make your selection.The relatively short time in which Russian art has been traded in international markets has meant that the swiftly earned riches of the Russian oligarchs have been bidding up auction house prices for objects with dim histories, uneducated demand, and short or non-existent records of ownership.For a London auction house like Bonhams, the record-setting value of Russian art it has been able to find for sale has turned into an opportunity for exchanging the auction house itself for cash.That is, if it can be laundered, er exchanged, through international auction houses like Christie’s, Sotheby’s, and Bonhams – institutions less regulated, and apparently more reputable than banks.Just as these house names claim to be setting records for auction prices for their goods, the margin of profit to be gained from fraud and forgery attracts almost as many well-heeled crooks for sellers as for buyers."Strategic bidders e Bay and Alibaba will be hard to beat in the race, with Alibaba looking better positioned from the anti-monopoly point of view."The Polish e-commerce market, worth more than 32 billion zlotys (£6.1 billion) with around 22,000 online shops, is set to double in value by 2020, especially given the government plans not to levy online shopping with Poland's new retail tax. Founded in 1999, Allegro is the largest e-commerce investment for Naspers - Africa's largest company by market value - since its acquisition in 2008.

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