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Speed daters should watch out for the next event which we guarantee will be tons of fun.

Do you spend countless hours swiping on dating apps?

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Also, when it comes to matching people it is done only on a correlation basis.

Meaning if a participant liked you but you didn’t like them, your information will not be given out to them but if both of you noted that you liked one another only then is your information given out.

After everyone is registered, a Speed Dating Host will give a speech explaining how the scorecards work, table arrangements and answer any final questions. There will be two breaks during the night with shared plates served and a complimentary drink. The next day, you will receive a list of matches and contact details - then it is up to you to follow up!

Keep it simple and cut out the downsides of online dating by attending a Cupid Speed Dating in Brisbane.

Instead, you can enjoy a relaxed, social speed dating event hosted by Cupid Speed Dating and meet like-minded people you actually click with. There will be several seconds to mark your scorecard and then your next date will begin.

After-all, they say we make up our mind about a person within seconds of meeting them - so why not actually meet fellow singles in a casual setting and see how you respond to their body language and gestures. This process will repeat until break time or the end of the event.That is the little confusion that came with the event, people were demanding details of the participants they liked not knowing that the other participant did not feel the same. There has been a great amount of positive feedback and people wanting to do it again. For the homosexuals that came and were disappointed about the event not catering for them, I would like to say, we actually did try to cater for them. For the next event, I strongly urge them to book in advance so as to not be disappointed.What are some of the misconception that people have about speed dating?Events are held in different locations and in age-specific groups; check out some of the upcoming events here.Find out more about what happens at a Cupid Speed Dating event here.How do you ensure that your clients are protected, during and after the speed dating?

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