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In December 2005, Hunter had posted photos of Kennedy with the title "JFK CORY KENNEDY", which began speculation that she was somehow related to the Kennedy family, which she is not.

By April, Hunter claims that he had noticed that every time he posted photos of Kennedy on his site, the web traffic from fashion community sites would spike.

Because Kennedy had been previously treated for clinical depression, their primary concern had been her health and well-being.

By September 2006, her celebrity life began to conflict with her home and school life.

Hunter quickly realized that Kennedy had the potential to be a star.

That month, as the Kennedy-Levin family visited New York City on vacation, Kennedy and Hunter visited the offices of Nylon magazine, the editor-in-chief of which was a friend of Hunter's.

So I ordered a Yummy (a cream cheese and jelly sandwich, battered and deep fried) and sent it over to her table.

The waiter handed her the plate and pointed in my direction. The entire clip is shot from a single camera at a fixed angle, and consists of Kennedy shaking salt and pepper to the beat while eating Indian food and listening to the song on a portable music player.Her parents had known about her exposure online but had not realized the extent to which it had grown until the June issue of Nylon appeared. There are several reasons why I should not have gone on a date with Cory Kennedy. I was in her extended network which is almost like being in her Blackberry. I enrolled as a substitute teacher at her high school. Cory Kennedy is an internet fabricated personality. You wonder how she got famous and why she is still famous, which makes her more famous by your wondering. And I was going to go on a date with her because I told myself I was going to go on a date with her. I tried to get her to accept me as a My Space friend. So I found one of her My Space friends’ friend and they blindly added me.If notability cannot be established, the article is likely to be merged, redirected, or deleted.

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