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Clement of Alexandria, defends the lawfulness of marriage against the Encratites who are mostly the Marcionites and the Montanists. They forbid marriage which is realized by the providence of God.

We read in Origen’s writings against the Marcionites that nothing created by God is impure in itself, and that nothing can be defiled except by the evil thoughts and intentions of humans.

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Several times allusions were made to them as they forbid marriage and preach abstinence.

He also opposed their distinction of the Creator God of the Old Testament and God the Father of Christ, refuting their allegation that marriage and procreation are cooperation with the former.

Paul knowing this declares that equally with the purity of the holy celibacy is marriage according to the Word of God a gift, saying, "But I would that all men were like myself; howbeit, each man has his own gift from God, one after this manner, and another after that" (1 Cor. Those who are joined together by God obey in thought and deed the command "Husbands, love your wives, as Christ also the Church" Eph . Using Seneca’s argument from the conduct of animals, he says, "Some women serve lust without any restraint." indeed I would not compare them to dumb beasts; for beasts, when they conceive, know not to indulge their mates further with their plenty.

Intercourse must be suspended until the woman can conceive again." 3.

Origen's idea to the impurity of even lawful sexual relations is derived from his interpretation of 1 Cor.

7:5; abstention from conjugal relations for the sake of prayer is temporary, to be sure, and agreed between them, but is understood as an annihilation.

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Marriage is a way of perfection that is far from easy and the grace of the sacrament is very necessary for that. Origen sees no better reason for those who get remarried than inability to live continentally and to control one's instincts.

SECOND MARRIAGE Origen does not forbid absolutely second marriages after widowhood, for the apostle permitted them (1 Cor. He even harshly blames the rigorists who exclude the remarried from the assemblies as if they were open sinners. 3:1-2, 12; Tit 1:5-6), clergyman should be "the husband of one wife;" he cannot remarry if he is widowed and remarried men must not be ordained. To take a second wife is not in conformity with the primitive law of Gen. It is astonishing that Origen, like many other Fathers, never mentions any other motives for remarriage such as economic factors or the requirements of children’s education.

But he is far from encouraging second marriages for the following reasons: 1. Paul’s refusal to ordain those who remarried as clergymen. Marriages are presented only as an extreme concession to weakness: it is better to marry than to live in sin when one cannot put up with continence.

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