Consolidating accounts icloud

If you're overwhelmed by hundreds of unread messages, a more powerful email tool with advanced filters and account management might do the trick.

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That made it possible to archive all of your email messages and search to find anything you need, rather than deleting old emails.

Today, its free storage may be somewhat less than its competitors, but with 15GB shared across all Google apps and search that's nearly as good as, it's still plenty to keep most of your emails forever.

It's still missing a ton of features, but is a promising new way to manage your email productively.

Yahoo Mail likely has all of the email management features you're looking for, and it gives you 1TB of storage free.

The address itself regularly serves as your digital passport, too—you can use your email address to sign up for new accounts.

With so much important information and memories in one place, you need an app that makes it easy to organize email, search through archives, and get in touch with anyone.

It's an easy-to-use email tool that's a nice option if you don't need many power-user features in an email web app, and already use Apple devices.

i Cloud Pricing: Free for 5GB storage Google's newest email app tries to turn your email into a todo list, letting you check off messages and schedule for them to come back later.

You can edit Microsoft Word documents or start a Skype chat in, right alongside your email messages, or share larger attachments with One Drive.

It doesn't include as many power-user features for managing email as Gmail, but its new interface borrows some of its namesake desktop app's design, making it a nice online option if you use Outlook at the office.

Fast Mail Pricing: Free 1 month trial; from /year Lite plan for basic email, and from /year to use your own domain name app on your i Pad.

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