C wpf listview not updating lotl dating

In this article we'll talk about how to render check boxes inside a List View.You can use this feature for example, for presenting a list of options to ends users and allowing them to select one option or multiple options.

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So, let's try binding some data to a List View: We populate a list of our own User objects, each user having a name and an age.

The data binding process happens automatically as soon as we assign the list to the Items Source property of the List View, but the result is a bit discouraging: Each user is represented by their type name in the List View. NET doesn't have a clue about how you want your data to be displayed, so it just calls the To String() method on each object and uses that to represent the item.

These properties hold the values to the two columns our List View has.

Text will have the actual label to show in the second column and Is Checked determines if the checkbox is checked.

The Horizontal Alignment and Vertical Alignment properties are used to set horizontal and vertical alignments.

We can put any controls inside a List View Item such as an image and text.

We use a bunch of Text Block controls to build each item, where we put part of the text in bold.

For the e-mail address, which we added to this example, we underline it, give it a blue color and change the mouse cursor, to make it behave like a hyperlink.

If you put a Check Box control inside List View Items, you generate a List View control with checkboxes in it. For instance, we can put an image and text block as content of a Check Box.

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