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Think of dates similarly to meetings (though vary the conversation!

Outsourcing this task to others – most obviously online dating agencies – is a convenient, efficient way to meet great people.

Of course, this is a task made easier by choosing the right dating site - make sure to pick one like Elite Singles where you can meet singles truly on your wavelength.

After a house party with their society friends, Bradley discusses a career change with Joan as a means to get her nice things like a fur coat.

Joan likes things the way they are but her husband decides to become a business executive for a soup company.

Overcoming challenges is thus a key lesson to be taken from business.

Indeed, Steinberg suggests applying entrepreneurial resolve, rationality and perseverance to one's dating life.

This rule is particularly appropriate when taking the executive dating approach, where non-negotiables can be stated early to filter matches and avoid time-wasting.

In many respects, finding a partner is much like finding an investor, employee or partner in business.

Joan dreams of what this would be like with Bradley constantly popping pills and running business with no time for her. Some amusing gags involving Bradley's pills in Joan's dream and an argument with the other couple in which the husband is played by Joe Besser provide some laughs though this is at most a fair episode.

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