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Boonex uses custom template system ( that should be called layout system).

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Then you look at their forums and think you will be able to get some support but after you pay, their Premium Members will pounce you and the first thing you want to do is go buy a Premium Membership so they can stop calling you newb etc. They just want you to spend that money and you will never see your $20 again.your $5..your $39.

I am very frustrated because I have received absolutely ZERO communication from their staff..I am out money I could have used on something else. Had they at least responded, I wouldn't feel so upset about it.

The reason for it is very bad programming and use of database.

For example, boonex uses profile builder which assigns fields to profiles.

Needless to say, my request for a refund has been ignored and they have blocked my access to any support channels available on their site.

DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY OR YOUR TIME Their sales gimick is to suck you in with the "Free Version".That creates a big headache for programers as they need to search through code for the place where some box is generated. It is very tricky to rip boonex templating apart, as whole coding is based on such poor programming practice.It might be generated in template, or in specific function in one of numerous includes. They would be better off using existing template system like smarty or similar one. Crapy use of Database We saw serveral other competing sites launched on boonex, but we did not care much. Becouse when they reach 500-1000 daily visitors they will break apart.Dolphin Pro is a full-featured integrated Social CMS.Dolphin includes media server, video converter, media sharing modules, social profiles, chat, messenger, timeline, events, groups, store, blogs, forums and more.When coding, please use single technology and template system.

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